The Right Opportunities to Trade Scrap Metal

Search magnet is a good addition to the metal detector. It is useful when working in areas with water, as well as where it is impossible to work with a shovel. The magnet is an alloy of iron with boron and neodymium enclosed in a durable steel case. Magnets differ in power, alloy composition, degree of magnetization, and other characteristics. It was famous for used scrap metals important now.

The best Details

There are magnets one and two-sided, which directly affects the usability and the distance from which you can carry out searches. In addition, the magnet weight is different. Neodymium magnet is practically eternal and does not demagnetize. Over 10 years of continuous operation, he can lose only 1% of the original capacity. However, you need to be careful not to heat the magnet – otherwise it will lose most of the search properties.

With intensive use in rivers, swamps and wells, the galvanized layer on the magnet can scratch, and he will begin to rust little by little. To prevent this, be sure to clean and dry the magnet after each use. Safety The search for scrap metal is, of course, a fascinating, but still heavy and unsafe. Observe safety precautions when searching and loading found metal objects.

  • Large heavy items do not load by the method of tilting, and the car when loading must be put on the “handbrake”. When cutting metal, do not forget about gloves and goggles. If you find closed metal containers of an unknown purpose, do not disassemble them – inside there may be a combustible gas. Risk to health and even life is not worth it, it is better to hand over suspicious objects like black metal, without disassembling.
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