How Does cPanel Ensure Better VPS Management?

Creating a website and launching it online is only half the work done. The actual work starts when you have to run and manage it every day. Site management is a tedious task and involves multiple processes that require to be done at a specific frequency. When you buy a web hosting plan as a site owner, you try to look for technical features that optimize the performance of your site, increase its loading speed, and offer top-notch security. However, having a dashboard like cPanel, Plesk, etc., that allows you to manage your website effectively is equally important. Today’s article is about websites hosted on VPS Hosting and how cPanel ensures better VPS management.

cPanel is a control panel or software that helps in the management of a web server. In VPS Hosting, cPanel offers the following features enabling a better VPS management:

  1. Security

A web server needs to be secure to offer secure hosting services to websites. In VPS Hosting, every virtual server has an isolated environment and dedicated resources. Therefore, if your website is hosted on a VPS, then you need an interface that allows you to secure the VPS against any threats. The cPanel offers a simple dashboard that allows site owners to set security parameters like creating directories that are protected by a password, ensuring that only permitted users can access the VPS, configuring secure sockets layer (SSL), etc.

  1. Domain Management

With cPanel, you can setup domains, sub-domains, as well as additional domains with ease. You can also use the DNS editors to make an identity of your site.

  1. Installation of Applications

Most websites use a range of applications to make the site experience memorable. cPanel offers a plethora of third-party apps that can help you enhance your site. 

  1. Easy Management of the Disk Space

Regardless of the amount of disk space you buy with your hosting plan, if you don’t regularly optimize it and delete unnecessary data, then you will always keep running out of space. With cPanel, you can manage the folders and files easily, create backups, and optimize the disk space.

  1. Efficient Management of Emails

Email management is a breeze with cPanel. You can easily create email accounts, forwarders, and automatic responders. Managing spam and filtering incoming emails is simple too. Additionally, cPanel is compatible with all hosting plans based on the Linux operating system. It is cost-effective and offers a wide range of features and benefits.


When you buy a VPS Hosting Plan, you get complete root access and account isolation to help you create a customized hosting environment based on the requirements of your website. A control panel like cPanel goes a long way in helping you manage your VPS better. So, the next time you go shopping for a web hosting plan and set your sights on a VPS, ensure that the host provides cPanel as the dashboard for VPS management and enjoy its benefits.

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