Great Backup with the Most Dedicated Servers

Selecting a data center is a strategic act that requires careful preparation. To help you in this task, this checklist will help you ask the right questions. To choose your service with full knowledge of the facts.

Have you specify the notion of hosting space and the number of m² available

Indeed, on average, a customer increases his need in m² of 50% over three years. It is therefore important to check the available space the data center operator and ask him to specify the number of gross m² IT (excluding technical servitudes), net m², m² equipped or to be equipped.With the good at dedicated server you can have the best deals done now.

Our advice: ask for the plans of the data center

Carefully assess available connectivity options and electrical capacity.

Several parameters are to be taken into account:

  • The number of telecom operators, ISPs and peering points present in the data center.
  • the electrical capacity must be able to allow high density electrical configurations so as to host for example a private cloud in the immediate future or in the future.

Our advice: ask for a list of Telecom Operators, Internet Service Providers, and Internet Interconnect Points on the Data Center campus. Also, confirm the IT power available in the room where your platforms will be hosted and see if this is in line with the average power of the site. In order to verify the advertised redundancies of the infrastructure, require the electrical single-line and air-conditioning drawings of the site.

Check the maintenance policy of the host

Ensure that the maintenance of the data center is done by internal teams of the host and not by outsourcing to a facility management company. Intra-wall managed maintenance will inevitably be better controlled and better controlled.

Our advice: ask for the amount of the annual budget for preventative maintenance. Ask for the list of the employees of the host managing the infrastructure.

Consider the location and accessibility of the sites

Data centers must be within a reasonable distance of your business and be easily accessible. If a host offers spaces available in the four corners of Paris or around the periphery: there will necessarily be near you.

Our advice: Check the geographical location of the different sites of the host for a possibility of dual site and proximity to major roads and public transport. Ask for the PPR (risk prevention plans) published by the prefecture concerned, to validate the absence of risks of geographical location.

  • Examine the financial stability and strength of the data center operator.
  • Most contracts between a host and his client are long term and very often over 10 years.

The host must generate sufficient cash flow and have an investment capacity to:

Increase the space equipped with the data center so as to support its customers in their growth over the long term and deliver them the extra space, the electrical power and the connectivity they will need.

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