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Working or playing games on a lagging PC is not something any of us would like to experience, if possible never. Like any other machine ever invented by mankind, computers are prone to damage (both in terms of software and hardware) and degradation. Whether it be just an outdated software or merely damaged hardware that needs replacement, one thing is for sure they need maintenance, which is often expensive if you look up to a professional for assistance or help.

 But when you need the job done like yesterday, and the service centre or the service personnel are taking their own time or even for an extended lifespan of your beloved thinking machine you can step up and “do it yourself” save money in the process and keep a constant watch over your computer’s overall well-being. But in cases where you can’t risk getting dirt under your nails and require complete computer services, you better leave the task up to the professionals in the field. 


It doesn’t matter where you place your computer, if you sweep a q-tip through the keyboard you shall realize that dust will show up in the system no matter what. It is only advisable to get rid of this dust before it accumulates enough to be posing a threat to components of your PC that are in constant motion like the cooling fans. You can quickly inspect your PC for dust accumulation on the outside as well as the inside. You can use compressed air to dust off as much as possible covering the vents, the blades of cooling fans and any other dust build-up in, or on your PC. 


The goal is to have enough storage for proper performance or increase efficiency. It merely requires you to follow steps which involve removing the CPU cover to insert a memory stick into the memory slot. Having a little knowledge about the compatibility of your system makes it much more relaxed and precise.


Are you still using the same keyboard you had when you put together your computer, is it still working the same or are typos part of your daily routine because you can’t get the keys to work correctly. Some fundamental issues faced by computer owners are due to running outdated software and operating system, and also because they refuse to invest in hardware NECESSARY for efficient performance.  Update your system software and equipment regularly and keep an eye out for the wear and tear on other hardware of your system.


I know I am asking you to go against your beliefs, but trust me, it might be right for a lot of things but not when it comes to the programs you have on your computer. Yes, I am talking about BLOATWARE, these are unnecessary programs on your computer that slow it down. Look for the programs you have no use for and rid your computer of the carry-on. The lighter you tread, the faster you are.

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